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Hi, I'm Sarah.

I design and build beautiful,
useful digital products.

Martha Stewart

design & development

A timeless brand built on excellent design with a digital team continually pushing the technical envelope, Martha Stewart has been a fitting environment for my skills as a designer-developer hybrid. The first major publisher to go responsive, our small team designed and developed device agnostic experiences as our mobile users grew beyond 50% of our total site visits. In my role as Senior Art Director, I conceptualize and design new experiences, and build rapid prototypes to prove concepts. I also work as liason to the dev team, advising and strategizing codable solutions for our designs and provide CSS fit & finish. Our team was thrilled this year to win a Webby for People's Choice in Lifestyle.

Topic pages show off the
depth and breadth of the site.
Fresh content is organized into
timeline "bundles" on the homepage


design & branding

A luxury fashion startup working to create the best method for reselling clothes online, I took a simplistic approach to the design, culling clarity and color from classic fashion magazines and contemporary art. A pared-back palette, bold typography and stylized photography combine to create a young, sophisticated, modern brand with a relaxed temperament. The grid, color and type systems will serve as the fulcrum for all advertising and ephemera subsequently made for the brand.

North Greenpoint Film Society

design & branding

As a member myself, I can attest that clubs are more fun with membership cards! Our weekly film club wanted a way for members to keep track of the screenings they'd attended, both for personal reference and as a badge of honor. We developed six levels of membership with titles derived from classic cinema tropes. On the back of each card ten lines are printed for filling in titles and screening dates. Once full, the member moves up a rank (accompanied by a suitable ceremony). The logomark contains landmarks of the neighborhood and crossed arrows, symbolizing friendship. Each level has a color associated with it, with the concentric circles of the logo showing the aspiring three levels of colors.


design & development

Leveraging hashtags to pull content from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, Twubs allowed users to see a broad range of content for a given topic updated in real time. Users had the ability to zoom in to view the history of an event on a minute-by-minute basis, to bookmark key moments within a timeline to revisit, and to live chat with a topic's community. Creating a visual solution for this multi-faceted, customizable feed of information necessitated building a responsive grid system to contain each level of granularity of the timeline—from the continually updating birds-eye view of the feed to the zoomed-in expanded article.

Article cards within a timeline could
be expanded for more information
On tablet and mobile, the timeline simplifies
to make the content more immersive

“Love is Making its Way Back Home”

storyboard & illustration

Created with over 12,000 pieces of laser-cut construction paper, shown as it was shot with no effects added in post, this video was truly a labor of love. I worked as the illustrator, teaming up with Director Erez Horovitz and Creative Director Sam Cohen. We were honored to have the video named a Vimeo Staff Pick, and the response from viewers has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive, garnering 500k views within six months of its debut.

“Songs from the Vanished Frontier”

design & artwork

Lush, layered and psychedelic, the music of Yellowbirds is best reflected by bespoke artwork on their albums, posters and videos. For the latest album cover, Yellowbirds frontman Sam Cohen's collage adorns the front, while the back is framed by my own woodblock print.

Heads Up! Research

design & development

A small marketing research company, Heads Up! tasked me with updating their website while retaining a link to certain existing branding—the logo and grid paper background. A bright color palette, simple and fun geometric graphics, and candid portraits create a friendly, accessible personality, helping achieve their goal of conveying the personal aspect of working with a father-daughter team. Built on a strict baseline grid with golden ratio-devised type, the resulting order and precision convey professionalism and solidity, while bold stripes of color enliven the work.

For faster load times, the responsive images are omitted on mobile

“Mean Maybe”

direction & photography

Set in Hong Kong, 1982, this video was made running around with Yellowbirds on a sunny day in Manhattan's Chinatown. Shot entirely on 35mm film on a handcranked plastic camera, which achieved the jolty, stop-motion effect in the analog realm. The resulting 1,456 still frames of film were then scanned and digitally sequenced with minimal editing. The loosely improvised spy theme takes a backseat to the energy and color of the neighborhood.



In 2011 ClearChannel acquired our team at Thumbplay in order to form iHeartRadio. Upon acquisition, we had three months to conceptualize, design and build the service. The product, design and development teams worked in tandem, and through constant communication and collaboration, went to production on schedule. Despite the strict time box, I implemented many features that were quite exciting at that time, including the new HTML5 syntax, a custom built icon font and scalable SVG graphics. As a result, the front end was just as impressive under the hood as the site was performing; was the fastest service ever to reach 10 million users, averaging 350,000 active listeners a day within 3 months of launch.

Thumbplay Music


Before on-demand music streaming was dominated by Spotify and Rdio, NYC startup Thumbplay was gaining a foothold on the market. I worked at Thumbplay as the Senior Front End Developer until the company was bought to form iHeartRadio in 2011. As part of an incredible team of designers and developers, I was responsible for building the HTML and CSS structure of the site. Although the service itself was ultimately short lived, that highly talented and passionate team of collaborators continue to be at the core of my tech community.

A little about me.

I'm passionate about design and technology and strive to create distinctive work based on research and testing, built with meticulously crafted code. Over the years I've worked on a range of projects from early stage startups to well established international brands, all with the same basic goal—to create services with true value to people.

With the majority of my work existing in the digital realm, most of my hobbies are decidedly analog. I love film photography, printmaking, and fiber arts, and feel they help ground my work and give it tactility.

Interested in working together? Drop me a line if you have something brewing, check out my résumé or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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