Meryl Cohen, MEd LCSW, is a Certified Sexuality Educator with Master's degrees in Education and Social Work. She teaches the Human Sexuality Course for the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, and serves as adjunct faculty for University of Texas School of Public Health. As former Vice-President of Education and Training for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, she taught hundreds of parents and professionals issues of sexual and reproductive health for over 30 years. She is the recipient of the John McGovern Lecture Award in Health Promotion for Community Contributions and Activism by University of Texas School of Public Health.

Meryl's new book
Why is This Sex Book Different from All Other Sex Books?
is now available in print and digital form from and

“Your book about Judaism and Sex is informative and revealing. It's precisely the kind of information that many kids and their parents need to know through serious conversation.”

Rabbi David Lyon Senior Rabbi Congregation Beth Israel Houston, Texas

Why is This Sex Book Different from All Other Sex Books? is different because Judaism is different. King Solomon's Song of Songs is a perfect example of our appreciation for sensuality and the beauty that our bodies can bring. The Hebrew word “yada” means “sex” but also means “to know.” We do not separate the body from the soul, and we encourage the total knowing that comes with sexual relationships. What a religion! Our heritage has beautiful answers to help parents integrate sexual learning and Jewish wisdom to build pride in a tradition that values healthy sexuality. It takes Judaism's sex-positive values and applies them to our modern world. The book is written for parents of all ages from infants to high school, to tackle the age-old questions children ask, like: Where do I come from? Why is my body changing? Am I normal? When is it OK to have sex? How do I know when I'm in love? I think I may be gay; what should I do?

The book will help Jewish families talk with pride about Jewish heritage and the wisdom it brings to informing our daily decisions and discourse. . V’Shinantam L'Vanecha, teach your children well, so that they can live responsible healthy lives guided by Jewish values.

Programs for Jewish families

Using the book Why Is This Sex Book Different From All Other Sex Books? A Parent's Guide for Embracing Sexuality Through Jewish Wisdom as a guide, Meryl provides workshops for parents, teens and pre-teens to help integrate Jewish values in the discussions families have around sexuality, relationships, love, and growing up.

Therapy, Groups and Workshops

Meryl provides Therapy and Workshops in partnership with Revive Therapy.

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Cancer Below The Belt

Meryl is the Sexual Health Consultant for Cancer Below The Belt, an awareness campaign for all the hard to talk about cancers — those below the belt. Founded by Kelly Gale Amen, our events increase awareness and raise funds to promote talking about sexuality, cancer and getting tested!

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